MBA/PGDM 2021 - MBA Admission requirements

Master of Business Administration

Type Of MBA

The Full-Time MBA

These programs are mostly self-sponsored and you will find yourself in a stimulating atmosphere ideal for earning your MBA degree without external pressures. Another strong advantage is that you will learn as much from your peers as from teaching staff. A full-time MBA is notorious for providing the best environment for students by establishing long-lasting contacts and friendships. Finally, the full-time programme delivers a complete package of MBA services: career opportunities, increased salary, networking, personal development, and educational experience.

The Part-Time MBA

Part-time programs give you the luxury to maintain your full-time job. You will have classes on weekday evenings, weekends, or both. Occasionally you will need to spend short periods of time, typically a week, in residence on campus. The curriculum of a part-time program is identical to the full-time version and the degree awarded is exactly the same. However, part-time programs do not emphasize career and salary issues as part-time students are often sponsored by their employers.

The Distance Learning MBA

If you need your employer's sponsorship to complete an MBA degree, distance learning is probably the best choice. An employer will sooner agree to sponsor such an MBA than any other MBA type because it is significantly less expensive and the disruption to your job commitment is minimal. Another advantage of this option is that the application requirements are flexible and the GMAT test may not be required.
Keep in mind that online education is by no means an easy option. You really need to exercise self-discipline to complete the degree. The online MBA drop-out rate is higher than that of any other program type. It is important to consider that the program will take more than three years. In spite of the independence and convenience an online MBA offers, you have to be selfdisciplined in balancing your studies, work and personal life.

The Executive MBA

The "rising star" of MBA programs is the option that is prominent in the MBA arena. The EMBA places strong demands on candidates; an impressive academic background and relevant experience are required. An EMBA is essentially career enhancing rather than career changing. EMBA participants are considerably older and what is the most important, they have a wealth of work experience under their belts, 10 years is often the norm with some participants having worked for 15 years or more. This in turn translates into dynamic classes with EMBA students and faculty learning much from each other, compared with the more traditional teacher/pupil approach of an MBA class. The EMBA offers an excellent combination of innovative methods and classes closely tied to real-life experience. One of the main attractions of EMBA programs is the opportunity to share classes with highly experienced senior managers. You will be able to apply newly acquired EMBA knowledge in the work-field more quickly than the knowledge acquired by any other MBA delivery method. This explains why in spite of the high costs, many companies remain enthusiastic sponsors of their employees who choose the EMBA. In most cases the initiative to attend an MBA belongs to managers, not to employers. Thus, pursuing an EMBA involves the delicate task of persuading an employer that the company will benefit by covering the cost of an Executive MBA.

Top MBA/PGDM colleges

All IIM's In India
College Name ESTABLISHED Total Fee NIRF Ranking
IIM Calcutta 1961 INR 22,60,000 3
IIM Ahmedabad 1961 INR 23,00,000 2
IIM Bangalore 1973 INR 21,45,000 1
IIM Lucknow 1984 INR 14,16,000 4
IIM Kozhikode 1996 INR 17,50,000 6
IIM Indore 1996 INR 16,00,000 10
IIM Shillong 2007 INR 14,60,000 24
IIM Rohtak 2009 INR 12,73,000 19
IIM Ranchi 2010 INR 15,10,000 28
IIM Raipur 2010 INR 14,20,400 18
IIM Trichy 2011 INR 14,00,000 14
IIM Kashipur 2011 INR 13,00,000 21
IIM Udaipur 2011 INR 13,54,000 5
IIM Nagpur 2015 INR 11,50,000 -
IIM Visakhapatnam 2015 INR 10,50,000 -
IIM Bodh Gaya 2015 INR 11,00,000 -
IIM Amritsar 2015 INR 9,00,000 -
IIM Sambalpur 2015 INR 10,00,000 -
IIM Sirmaur 2015 INR 10,34,000 -
IIM Jammu 2016 INR 12,91,000 -
All A++ MBA Colleges in India
College Name City Total Fee NIRF Ranking
SP Jain Institute of Management & Research Mumbai INR 16,25,000 -
Management Development Institute Gurugram INR 21,34,000 -
Faculty of Management Studies New Delhi INR 20,000 -
National Institute of Industrial Engineering Mumbai INR 8,10,000 -
Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad INR 17,50,000 -
International Management Institute New Delhi INR 16,95,000 -
Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) Bhubaneswar INR 17,80,000 -
T A Pai Management Institute Manipal INR 14,00,000 -
Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai INR 18,94,000 -
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Mumbai INR 6,00,000 -
Department of Business Administration University of Lucknow Lucknow INR 2,15,000 -
IIT Delhi: Department of Management Studies New Delhi Delhi INR 8,80,000 -
Goa Institute of Management Goa INR 10,27,000 -
Birla Institute of Management Technology Greater Noida INR 12,00,000 -
K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies And Research Mumbai - -
Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research Mumbai INR 11,00,000 -
IRMA Anand: Institute of Rural Management Ahmedabad INR 12,10,000 -
Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras Madras INR 8,00,000 -
Bharathidasan Institute of Management Trichy INR 11,35,000 -
Loyola Institute of Business Administration Chennai INR 12,61,000 -
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management New Delhi INR 10,90,000 -
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Bangalore INR 10,00,000 -
Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow Lucknow INR 9,65,000 -
KIIT School of Management Bhubaneshwar INR 12,03,000 -
Institute of Public Enterprise Hyderabad INR 8,00,000 -
International School of Business and Media Pune INR 8,90,000 -
FORE School of Management New Delhi INR 14,98,000 -
IFMR Graduate School of Business at KREA University Chittoor INR 12,00,000 -
MICA Ahmedabad Ahmedabad INR 18,50,000 -
IFIM Business School Bangalore INR 12,00,000 -
IIT BOMBAY: Shailesh J Mehta School of Management Mumbai Mumbai INR 8,30,000 -
SP Jain School of Global Management Mumbai INR 28,88,000 -
Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna Patna INR 5,25,000 -
PUMBA: Department of Management Sciences University of Pune Pune INR 1,34,000 -
ICFAI Business School Hyderabad INR 14,05,000 -
MET Mumbai Mumbai INR 07,03,000 -
University Business School Chandigarh INR 33,000 -
Faculty of Commerce and Business,University of Delhi New Delhi INR 31,000 -
Shri Ram College of Commerce New Delhi INR 3,20,000 -
Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani Pilani INR 06,23,000 -
Institute of Management Technology Nagpur INR 12,05,000 -
N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai INR 8,70,000 -
SDM Institute For Management Development Mysore INR 11,00,000 -
All A+ MBA Colleges in India
College Name City Total Fee NIRF Ranking
VIT Business School (VIT) Vellore Vellore INR 5,98,000 -
SIES College of Management Studies Navi Mumbai INR 7,20,000 -
AIMS Institutes Bangalore INR 9,00,000 -
Indus Business Academy Bangalore INR 7,52,000 -
Jagan Institute of Management Studies New Delhi INR 7,15,000 -
IES Management College And Research Centre Mumbai INR 8,00,000 -
Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida INR 9,65,000 -
Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad INR 7,80,000 -
Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research Mumbai INR 7,50,000 -
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management Hyderabad INR 7,50,000 -
Rajagiri Centre For Business Studies Kochi - -
Kristu Jayanti College Bangalore INR 6,60,000 -
ITM Group of Institutions Mumbai INR 9,30,000 -
International Management Institute Bhubaneshwar INR 8,07,000 -
St. Joseph’s Institute of Management Bangalore INR 8,00,000 -
SCMS Cochin School of Business Cochin INR 7,50,000 -
Calcutta Business School Kolkata INR 6,85,000 -
Great Lakes Institute of Management Gurugram INR 15,85,000 -
Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad INR 1,10,000 -
New Delhi Institute of Management New Delhi INR 8,25,000 -
Jindal Global Business School Sonipat INR 11,00,000 -
Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur INR 7,45,000 -
PSG Institute of Management Coimbatore INR 8,00,000 -
Balaji Institute Of Modern Management Pune - -
Christ University Bangalore INR 7,54,000 -
Nirma University Ahmedabad INR 9,52,000 -
Sydenham Institute of Management Studies And Research And Entrepreneurship Education Mumbai INR 1,34,000 -
Management Development Institute Murshidabad INR 11,00,000 -
Asian School of Business Management Bhubaneshwar INR 5,97,000 -
National Insurance Academy Pune INR 11,25,000 -
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning Pune INR 45,000 -
Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur INR 6,72,000 -
National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management Hyderabad INR 4,05,000 -
Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development Pune INR 6,40,000 -
National Institute of Bank Management Pune INR 12,00,000 -
Jagannath International Management School New Delhi INR 7,20,000 -
Indira Institute of Management Pune - -
ICFAI Business School Pune INR 8,02,000 -
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research Bangalore INR 11,00,000 -
Globsyn Business School Kolkata INR 7,50,000 -
Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences Indore INR 11,10,000 -
SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai INR 18,60,000 -
Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence Pune INR 8,50,000 -
Xavier Business School (XBS) Kolkata INR 10,40,000 -
Regional College of Management Bangalore Bangalore INR 6,10,000 -
R. A. Podar Institute of Management Jaipur INR 1,50,000 -
UPES Dehradun Dehradun INR 11,57,000 -
DIT University Dehradun INR 3,17,000 -
Doon Business School Dehradun INR 4,53,000 -
Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) Bhopal INR 4,80,000 -
Gitam School of International Business Visakhapatnam INR 8,50,000 -
M S Ramaiah Institute of Management Bangalore INR 6,30,000 -
GITAM Deemed University, Hyderabad Hyderabad INR 7,20,000 -
JK Business School Gurugram INR 5,50,000 -
IILM Graduate School of Management Greater Noida INR 8,10,000 -
International Institute of Management Studies Pune INR 7,00,000 -
Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai INR 6,97,000 -
Thiagarajar School of Management Madurai Madurai INR 6,90,000 -
RV Institute of Management Bangalore - -
KCT Business School Coimbatore INR 3,00,000 -
Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies Mumbai INR 8,50,000 -
GL Bajaj Institute of Management And Research Noida INR 5,50,000 -
Accurate Institute of Management And Technology Greater Noida INR 5,60,000 -
Apeejay School of Management New Delhi INR 7,75,000 -
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan`s Usha and Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management New Delhi INR 6,00,000 -
CII School of Logistics New Delhi INR 8,00,000 -
Delhi School of Business, VIPS New Delhi INR 8,25,000 -
Fortune Institute of International Business New Delhi INR 7,50,000 -
National Institute of Financial Management Faridabad INR 10,00,000 -
Acharya Bangalore B-School Bangalore INR 8,10,000 -
Rajalakshmi School of Business Chennai INR 5,90,000 -
Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad INR 12,00,000 -
Amrita School of Business Coimbatore INR 12,00,000 -
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India Ahmedabad INR 10,96,000 -
Bharati Vidyapeeth`s Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai INR 4,96,000 -
ASM Group of Institutes Pune INR 5,50,000 -
FLAME University School of Business Pune INR 10,60,000 -
Mody University Sikar INR 6,00,000 -
Don Bosco Institute of Technology Bangalore INR 4,50,000 -
Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management Kolkata INR 6,00,000 -
International Management Institute Kolkata INR 11,50,000 -
Jain University Bangalore - -
Birla Global University Bhubaneswar INR 7,50,000 -
Sharda University Greater Noida INR 6,00,000 -
MIT School of Business Pune INR 6,50,000 -
MIT School of Telecom Management Pune INR 5,90,000 -
SRM University Chennai INR 5,00,000 -
SSN School of Management Chennai INR 5,00,000 -
Balaji Institute of International Business Pune INR 6,40,000 -
Institute For Technology Management Bangalore - -
MYRA School of Business Mysore INR 8,00,000 -
PES University Bangalore INR 8,00,000 -
Jaipuria Institute of Management (Jaipuria) Indore INR 6,95,000 -
WOXSEN School of Business Hyderabad INR 17,30,000 -
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Chennai INR 7,50,000 -
SGPC’s Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Mumbai INR 6,00,000 -
School of Management GD Goenka University Gurgaon INR 7,90,000 -
TAPMI School of Business Jaipur INR 7,53,000 -
IIHMR University Jaipur INR 8,00,000 -
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Technology & Management Indore INR 3,25,000 -
Indira School of Business Studies Pune INR 7,00,000 -
LLoyd Business School Greater Noida INR 4,50,000 -
Jagan Institute of Management Studies Jaipur INR 4,80,000 -
ITM Business School Chennai INR 8,00,000 -
IIMT Group of Colleges Noida INR 2,26,000 -
Adarsh Institute of Management And Information Technology Bangalore INR 5,00,000 -
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Kochi INR 10,00,000 -
Institute of Management Development And Research Pune - -
GIBS Business School Bangalore INR 6,15,000 -
International Institute of Business Studies Bangalore INR 7,45,000 -
International School of Business & Media Bangalore INR 7,00,000 -