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Career Options

A degree in marketing management can pave the way to professional success in nearly any industry. Students can prepare for careers as marketing managers, sales promotions managers, marketing research analysts or related professions. Business administration degree programs help students to develop their knowledge and understanding of business practices, marketing, sales, accounting, retailing principles, business research and advertising.


Marketing Managers

Marketing managers occupy leadership positions within the marketing division of a company or firm. They direct and implement overall marketing programs with the goal of reaching certain target demographics or a broad potential customer base. Working closely with the promotions and advertising staff, marketing management professionals utilize tools such as promotional events, cross-marketing and advertising to increase awareness of a product or service. They are also involved in the pricing and development of new products, according to customer demand.


Sales Managers

Sales managers work to optimize a product or service's position in the marketplace by creating, implementing and directing promotional campaigns. These campaigns typically involve advertising that may use several different media along with deals, coupons or other offerings that provide consumers with access to the product at a reduced price in order to stimulate interest. Sales promotions managers work to increase both market share and profits on sales, often coordinating their efforts with marketing, advertising and product design elements of the organization.


Diploma in Commerical Arts

Commercial Arts is using creativity to bring out the best results in print whether as logos or corporations, typefaces in newspapers - magazines, books, graphic images to adorn book covers, record jackets, bill boards, posters, packaging for food, toys and other products

Career Opportunities

This course is highly recommended for those who wish to start their own independent art studio or work with leading advertising agencies on full or part time basis or even as freelancers.