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B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia

The course focuses on all key areas of multimedia, animation & design, leading to an in depth understanding of 3D Animation & Visual Effects. The eligibility requirement to the course is 10+2. Students, enrolling for this course, will have access to world class facilities at Frame box training studios, including case studies, research and interaction with world class experts who have worked on numerous award winning animation projects. 

The job opportunities that are available for students of multimedia and animation are quite high these days. Career opportunities for these professionals are available not only with Indian firms but also with firms abroad. As this multi-billion dollar industry is currently growing to bigger heights, new opportunities as well as lucrative career prospects are arising in this field everyday.

It can be said that with a B.Sc. Multimedia degree, it is possible for one to get a head start in this industry quickly. More details about this program are mentioned below.


Career in Private sector after B.Sc Multimedia & Animation:-

Students of animation can get jobs with top firms of the private sector. Besides good knowledge in computer programming, it is essential for students to have a passion towards animation. Only with this will they be able to augment their career to better heights. A few top Indian firms that employ professionals of multimedia and animation are given below.

  • Bellpepper Animation
  • Bluegrass Studios
  • Brain Arts Studio Ahmedabad
  • Buena Vista International India
  • Cartoon Network (India)
  • Crest Communications
  • DMP Animations and Media Private Limited
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Future Thought Productions
  • Super Audio (Madras) Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Elxsi
  • Techzone Multimedia (P)Ltd Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh INDIA
  • Reliance MediaWorks Ltd


Government Career after B.Sc Multimedia & Animation

As to promote animation within India, the Indian Government alongside the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has involved major players from the industry of animation in a big way. These firms take in professionals of animation as and when the vacancies arise. Students of B.Sc. Multimedia can get the following jobs with these firms.

  • Animation Supervisor
  • Character Animator
  • Content Developer
  • Free Lancer
  • Graphic Designers
  • Lead Animators for Feature Films or Video Games
  • Modeler
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • Story Broad Artist


Career Abroad after B.Sc Multimedia & Animation

Numerous international firms take in aspirants of multimedia and animation very frequently. Due to the intense fascination people have towards animation and animated characters, new cartoon figures as well as stories are brought forth every passing day. This has led to the emergence of new jobs. In fact, career opportunities are available for aspirants with firms abroad. Upon the completion of their education, aspirants can get jobs as multi-media artists with the entertainment industry.


Long term Career roadmap for M B.Sc Multimedia & Animation

The career opportunities available for students of multimedia and animation are quite huge nowadays. It is possible for aspirants to get jobs in areas other than the entertainment field. A few areas where job opportunities are accessible for graduate students of Multimedia and Animation are given below.

  • Advertising business
  • CD-Rom Production
  • Engineering and Sales
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Graphics Designing
  • Media
  • Publishing Firms
  • Three-Dimensional Product Modeling

Aspirants can also join the Gaming Industry, start a career in Website Designing or get a job in the Education Sector.