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The 3 year program is divided into 6 semesters, with the choice of specialization in the 3rd year – students have the option to either go for Advertising or Journalism in the last year. The meticulously planned syllabus opens-up a plethora of career options for the students. Here are a few career choices that students can choose after completing BMM:



Journalism is one of the most respected professions. It is an exciting field of work, reporting the various incidents and bringing out the truth behind every incident is the core responsibility of a journalist. The journalists work hard and they have a sharp acumen for reporting news. A BMM course helps students learn the rules, obligations and laws of journalism that helps them shape their career in journalism.

There are different sections of Journalism viz., entertainment, sports, politics, business, etc., Based on the individual interest students can specialize in any of these journalism fields.



For students who have a penchant for clicking pictures and wish to establish a career in photography, a BMM course would help them learn the tricks of the trade and become a better photographer. The course has a subject dedicated to photography. It not only helps the amateur photographer learn the basic skills but also inculcates everything that a student would need to be successful by being behind the camera.



Advertising is one the two specialization choices that students have during their 3rd and final year. For student with a creative blend of mind, advertising would be an excellent career choice. The BMM course helps hone the natural talent of the students and prepare them to succeed in the modern industry. Within Advertising there are various career options such as media planning, copywriting, creative and many more.



Several people have this wrong notion that doing theatre essentially requires joining an acting school. However, the reality is that anyone can become a theatre artist if they have natural talent and flair for acting. A BMM course would give the theatre aspirants tremendous exposure to showcase their talent. During the course of 3 years, the students would have the chance to participate in various College festivals to get the necessary exposure and a chance to establish a successful and rewarding career.



Radio is one of the traditional forms of media, it has been around for a long time. While many people believe that radio has become obsolete, absolutely not! Over the years, Radio has evolved and it still holds great significance amidst all the other modern media forms. For students who are blessed with a naturally good voice and have the ability to engage people in their talks with their wits and humor, Radio Jockey is an excellent career choice for them. BMM course has an entire subject to Radio, which helps students understand the ins and outs of radio. Armed with BMM degree, you can pursue any of these careers but your skills need to be developed on the job