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Students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) have completed a course load that's two-thirds arts classes - whether in visual arts or writing - because the BFA is an artist's professional degree.


Career Options

Graduates holding a BFA may find careers as craft or fine artists, multimedia artists, actors, art directors, art teachers or writers. Students studying for this degree usually pursue majors like ceramics, creative writing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, studio art, theater or art education.


Art Teacher

BFA graduates with an art education major may be qualified to teach art in elementary, middle or secondary school if they earn a teaching certificate too. The program also prepares them for continued master's degree study that may be required by state education departments. Art education majors learn how to introduce kids to basic concepts in art, from hands-on activities in various artistic media to art history and art criticism.


Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing may find jobs as journalists, technical writers, copywriters or freelance writers. They can work for advertising or public relations agencies and publishers, drawing on their educational experience in writing within assigned guidelines, working with others and meeting deadlines.

Fine Artist

Fine artists in training typically earn a BFA degree in studio art. They may choose a concentration in sculpture, painting, illustration, photography or printmaking. Studio art coursework refines artists' technical skills and creative talents and guides them to develop their own artistic style.

Craft Artist

With the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in majors like ceramics, jewelry, metalwork, textile design or fiber arts, craft artists show and sell handmade pieces and artwork in a variety of venues. Freelancing and working on commissioned projects is also possible. BFA classes allow students to pursue their area of interest in-depth and prove their ability to meet deadlines. Learners usually work out of owned or shared studio space.

Multimedia Artist

Using hand-drawn or computer-generated images, multimedia majors who graduate with BFA degrees can create animation sequences or storyboards. They work for ad agencies or for software, gaming, film or television companies. Multimedia artists use skills they've learned in art, computer and design classes.

Art Director

Graphic design or multimedia design majors who graduate with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees and gain work experience can also become art directors. They've developed technical competence in computer art and design in BFA classes. Successful graduates also have proven ability to meet deadlines.



Theatre majors who concentrate in acting and graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree can pursue careers on the screen or the stage. The classes they've taken helped them develop acting and performance skills. 


Job profile:-

A few of the Job profiles available subsequent to the completion of BFA includes:-

  • 3d Artist
  • Art Critic
  • Art Teacher
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Drawing Teacher
  • Editor
  • Furniture Designer
  • Freelance Workers
  • Graphic Artist / Designer
  • Music Teacher
  • Production Artist
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Sr. Art Director
  • Set Designer


Career in Private sector after B.F.A.

There are numerous private sector firms that employ graduate students of BFA. They include:-

  • Advertising Companies
  • Art Studios
  • Boutiques
  • Educational Institutes
  • Fashion Houses
  • Publishing Houses
  • Tailoring Shops
  • Television Industry
  • Theatres
  • Websites


Government Career after B.F.A.

Upon the completion of the B.V.A course, aspirants can get jobs with institutes of education; work as photographers or as artists with institutions of the public sector. It is also possible for graduates of fine arts to work freelance.  They can work freelance in the arenas of:-

  • Clothing
  • Direction
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Television

Another option for them to consider is to work as art directors for industries such as:-

  • Advertising
  • Magazines
  • Manufacturers
  • On-Line Services
  • Promotion and Product Design
  • Publishing Houses
  • Software Companies


Career Abroad after B.F.A

It is possible for students of Fine arts to get job not only inside India but also abroad. Those students of fine arts who have good skills in the area they have chosen can get employed with numerous industries in the relevant field. It is also possible for them to work independently. They can choose to start advertising companies or Art studios. It is up to them to choose a field where they are comfortable.


Long term Career roadmap for B.F.A. Graduates

Once the BFA course is completed, students can go for the postgraduate level course. They can choose to go for the M.V.A. (Master in Visual Arts) course or the (Master in Fine Arts) course. Studying either one of these degrees will help the students develop a good overview about the Industry of Fine arts. It also provides training for aspirants for establishing their career in the area of Visual Communication and Performing Arts.