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Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com:-

B. Com. stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is a 3 years long Graduation program. Usually, it is Commerce stream students who choose this course after 12th standard schooling. But technically, even Science as well as Arts stream students are eligible to pursue this course! In the past, B. Com. used to have many takers. In fact, it was one of the most sought after and valuable Degree program. But with the introduction of technical courses like Engineering, B Scetc, B. Com. had lost some of its old glory. As of now, B. Com. has managed to reinvent itself with the introduction of new areas of specializations! And still today, it is a favorite among Commerce stream students! In this article, we will check out some important details related to B. Com. course, such as- advantages of pursuing this course, areas of specializations, career prospects, scope etc



Traditionally, Commerce Stream students go for B. Com. program. But technically, any stream students may go for it after 12th standard! One must be 12th passed (10+2 Schooling system) with minimum 50% marks from a recognized board



1. Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com:- 

The  Bachelor of Commerce is a undergraduate university authorized college three years study course of commerce subject for obtaining a degree after passing 10+2. This degree will help you in establishing a career in Accounting Finance, Operations, Taxation and other related fields as per your courses choice. B.Com degree generally gives the knowledge to students about Accounting of goods, types of account Ledgers, profit and loss, how to maintain different accounts, taxation, different laws and procedures of Accounting and calculations of different taxes and many more.

Bachelor of Commerce degree may be a stepping stone in best career options after 12th for further higher studies professional degrees like M.Com (Master of Commerce), CS (Company Secretary), CA (Chartered Accountant), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CWA (Cost and work Accountant), and many more.


 2. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or B.Com (Hons):- 

Generally, the main problem for a lot of aspiring students after 12th who wants to make a career in commerce is which commerce degree course  they shall choose for study ? what is the best career choice  for study either Bachelor of Commerce (honours) or Bachelor of Commerce(General) degree, which degree study courses is a better choice of career in commerce? and which one will boost their professional career in future?. Bachelor of Commerce (honours) is a 3 years, full time classroom course designed to inculcate whole business acumen in students,  covering approximately 40 subjects in each semester over six semesters.  The student has to study a total of 41 subjects including the subject of specialization along with project work in last semester. The academic study level in Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) always higher than the normal B.Com study. Just like an Engineering student has to specialize on choices subject in Final year, A Bachelor of Commerce student also has to specialize in either subjects of Marketing Management, Accounting and Financial Management, International Trade and Finance, E-Commerce, Banking and Human Resource Management.

The main difference according to deep analysis between Bachelor of Commerce (honours) and Bachelor of Commerce(General) degree is, B.COM (hons) is more academically elevated and industry oriented program  where’s B.Com general or normal degree course you are introduced with various study subjects and its gives you only an overview of the study subjects. In Bachelor of Commerce (hons) the study subjects are more detailed in nature and at par with current international standard. There shall be an entrance exams for admission in B.Com (hons) degree course and merit percentage for admission in different colleges may be higher as compare to normal or general B.Com degree course. In Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) study, A student has to need to refer a lots of different books and study materials to know the latest new developments in the study subject with help of various learning resources at College or University Campus, on the other hand main emphasis often centered around  text books in B.Com(General). Employment probability is higher for Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) as the demand for this degree professional is higher compare to normal B.Com.


3.  B.Com (Accts and Finance) or Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance):- 

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance is a 3 years degree course after 12th commerce.  There are lots of bright Finance Careers opportunities in Accounts and Finance field after completion of this degree. A Graduate after completion of this degree initially can join a job as a trainee or  accountant. There are other job opportunities in Accounting firms, corporations, Govt organizations, public sectors, market research and budget planning.

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance is degree designed to develop an understanding of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Taxation and its consists of 39 subjects and 2 project training subject in final year. This B.Com degree provides students practical and comprehensive training by way of Projects, Interaction, Presentations, industrial visits and lectures by professional of expertise field.  The main motto of this degree course is to imparting broader financial knowledge to students by which they can manage business modeling, manage projects and latest developments in business management.


4.  B.Com (Banking and Insurance) or Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance) 

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance is an undergraduate 3 years commerce course is an academic and as well as professional degree which cover the concept of Accounting, Banking, Insurance Law, Banking Law, International Banking, Insurance Regulations and Insurance risk covers etc.  Generally, in this B. Com degree course primary focus on systematic study of specialized subjects and  topics covered under Banking & Insurance Industry. Bachelor of commerce in Banking and Insurance covers 38 subjects as well as 2 projects on banking and insurance, each containing 100 marks and to be submitted in final year.

After successful completion degree course of Bachelor of Commerce (Accts & Finance) students can opt for either higher studies in finance careers of different field of M.Com, MBA, CFA, CS or can apply for job vacancies in Auditing, Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Insurance in both private as well as Govt Sector.


 5. B.Com (Financial Markets) or Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets:-  

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets is a 3 years undergraduate degree course in Financial Services. Financial market means Finance, Investments, Stock Markets, Capital, Mutual Funds and typically defined by the expert as basic regulation on trading, costs and fees, transparent pricing and different market forces who determining the prices of securities that traded and Mutual Fund. Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets degree study the field of Debt and Equity Market, Financial Assets, Institutions and Markets, Financial Management and Foreign Exchange Market.  The syllabus of this degree courses is 6 semesters duration and covers 41 subjects.

The B.Com (Financial Markets) degree course is beneficial for those students who are interested in finance careers and wants to move into areas for higher study such as Banking, CA, CS, Consultancy, Computer Accounting, Finance, ICWA, M.Com, MBA etc. After successful completion of this degree course there is job probability as Trainee Associate, Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Financial Planning consultant, Risk Manager, Money Market Dealer,  Financial Market Advisory, Insurance Manager etc.



When compared to many other professional courses, B. Com. is relatively easier to pursue and takes only 3 years to complete. Then comes the availability of Colleges offering B. Com. It is one such course that is taught at Colleges across India. One will be able to find may good quality Government as well as Private Colleges offering B. Com. program. So, finding a good College near your location won’t be a difficult task!

Then comes the availability of specializations and new B. Com. programs. B. Com. (Honours) program allows students to specialize in a specific discipline during the final year of the program. Making use of this opportunity, students may specialize in useful disciplines like- Law, Finance, marketing etc and thus give their career prospects a boost!

And like I mentioned before, new courses like B. Com. in Computer Applications, E Commerce, Information Technology are also available. These relatively new courses are market as well as job oriented ones.

Also, B. Com. program could act like a basic foundation, on which you may build your career. For example, after B. Com. you may go for number of other programs like- MBA, Civil Services, Central Government jobs, Law, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship etc.